Cyberpunk 2077 - REFUND

This is why I asked for #refund for #Cyberpunk2077. 

I was hyped. CD Projekt RED, Witcher 3, sci-fi game, open world, Keanu Reeves... I asked for refund after 1 hour and 30 minutes. I can't stand the game in its current state for the money developers want. 


This is C grade game and here are the reasons why:
1) they tried to make game too wide and nothing is completed
2) unused potential
3) same persons models over and over through whole city. Big guys with beer belly have all the same posture, walk animations for example. Only clothes change. 
4) you can destroy only walls that are scripted to be destroyed. If you shoot everything else, it leaves zero or black dot impact. 
5) missing sounds randomly (Shooting at enemy with no gun sounds. Only music and voices.)
6) texture glitches everywhere
7) loading textures during close gameplay (I approached the bouncer and watched several seconds till his face loads properly.)
8) car driving feels like Watch Dogs 1. If you played GTA or even worse driving simulator like Dirt, you will hate everything about motorcycles and cars in this game. 
9) almost zero damage model of vehicles. I was driving out of city and there were like 10+ cars in one spot. Nobody could drive further. Like invisible wall for AI controlled vehicles.
10) animations or movements feel jittery 
11) graphics is NOT on par with release year 2020. Division 2 released in 2019 can beat this game graphics in every aspect! It's incomparable to be honest. In Division 2 your jaw will drop. In Cyberpunk 2077 you will yawn. 
12) Mostly I had 2 dialog options to use in main story lines. Witcher 3 had more. Older game.
13) Almost everything around you in city is just something to watch. You can't use it. The city is not living environment. 
14) Weird dialog options. I tried to talk to a lady preparing some meal in stall. She responded: "I am waiting for my friend." Lady in a stall doing meal. I talked to a guy selling pottery. He responded: "Do we know each other?". Like seriously?
15) Many NPCs shine (skin, clothes, weapons, implants) like if they bathed in lubricant. No rain, nothing. They shine. 

I was looking for this game like a kid. I am so disappointed. The game is really unfinished and I don't think patches in near 6 months can make it better. This game needs 2 more years in development or cut the price and sell it for 15-20 EUR. 

This is just one example of game filled with bugs. 

EDIT 2023: They fixed the biggest bugs. Yet the game is not worth of 50EUR. I'm still waiting for price tag 10-20 EUR max.